Sachs Wankel KM48 Core Engine

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Sachs Wankel Engine Spare Parts extracted from "Core Engines" of the KM48 (160cc, 8HP), which were built by Norton Motors/Thorn-EMI around 2000

Norton Motors built under contract to Thorn-EMI "core engines" of the Sachs rotary engine type KM48.

The offered engine is NOT COMPLETE but represents a brandnew 'core engine' *) with the serial No NM726P, which may be used for upgrading to a complete engine - e. g.  for a model airplane, replacement at a worn out engine or taking spare parts from the assembly.

*) Without carburetor, muffler, ignition system, etc.

The assembly is new but came from a shelf, so if you don't like them, you may send them back within 14 days but no further warranty is given. Small shelfwear is possible.

The price is valid for a complete "core engine" ! - (Prices of single parts on request - in advance of your order!)

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