Wankel Engine Parts (KM48 made by Sachs): Sealing System (36 parts) and Piston

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Wankel Engine Sealing System and piston extracted from a rebuilt "Core Engine" of the KM48 of Sachs (160cc, 8HP),

The offered spare parts represents the sealing system of a rebuilt 'core engine'. The parts can be used for replacement at a worn out engine.

The assembly is almost new but came from a shelf. There is no ROR. No no warranty is given. Small shelfwear or leftover of oil carbon are possible.

The price is valid for the complete "sealing system" (36 parts + piston) ! - (Prices for some other parts on request)

Legend of image 3:

11 = piston assembly Sachs part no. 2786 009 005,

15 = side seals with  1 wave spring 2786 023 000,

16 = apex pins with 2 pin springs 2786 022 000,

17 = apex seals with 1 apex seal spring 2786 024 000.

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